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I would like to post a series recording my way of learning R language, with the name “leaRning”! Repost by indicating the source please!

Why I learn R

Because I swithed my major to bioinformatics in which data manipulation is the core, on the other hand, the R programming language is irreplaceable now for data science, so learning R is a necessity and must! What’s more, it would be much easier learning other programming languages after you conquer one.

My background

I am a purely “wet” biologist, when I was a freshman in college 14 years ago, there was a course teaching C++, actually, I have a solid foundation on programming, if I had an unfaded memory…

In 2017, I have made up my mind to switch my major, firstly, I wanna be a coder directly, so I took several months learning frontend, python, java, etc. However, I found I could never get interested in any of them! Fortunately, I got to know some commons among different programming languages during that struggle!

Half a year ago, I entered bioinformatics, still get entertained now~

My learning progress

ING, the book I use now is The Art of R Programming, I think it is better for beginners than R in Action, because you need much more knowledge on statistics when reading the latter and this may cause you distracted!

My target

I want to publish an R package on my own in 2018!

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